Sunday, 16 December 2012


This is the last task in the project 11 which we commissioned to do an essay on
 what we 
have learn as HBP students in this semester. At first, I did not like the
subject, because 
I have no talent and skill in drawing. Finally, I agreed, the talent
 is indeed an invaluable gift of Allah SWT, and for those who are not blessed 
with such talent like memust always try to work harder to achieve what we aspected.

From this subject, I began to learn, difficulties an architect, planner, QS, BS,
others - many more to come to a successful project with the best. 
Here also, I felt  CM and the tiredness of a father who seriously work to produce
 interesting ideas in a designbecause my father is an architect too . Subhanallah ..

Through this RUS 104 subject, I am able to learn, what the spirit of teamwork
 and how 
to work with a better team member. The subject has also opened
 my mind to always take 
the liberty to talk infront of people in giving their opinions
 and arguments respectively.

For me, any kind of marks and grades that I got also whatever my CGPA
is not so important,
because for
me, people become more adult with experience
and without experience
someone may not be successful in
his life and dont know
 what is the real life is .


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